How To Love the Signs


Aries: Give plenty of reassurance even if they act like they don’t need it, make a point to gently pry even if they say they don’t want to talk about it, and always remember there is more sensitivity underneath an Aries than is shown. Encourage their dreams but keep them grounded, take them on…

asking-britni asked:
Did you know... That there are 7,278,969,721 people on this Earth... And I was so blessed to find someone as perfect as you? Its a sign :*

WyDy and Britnasty. IT’S ONLY MEANT TO BE



Aries & Sagittarius - First Kiss

Except we need a little fireworks c;

Tumblr will never be able to understand that comment and how amazing it is.


this here


is my phone case


so every time someone calls me


yes hello

i regret making this post

asking-britni asked:
If you could tell me ONE thing you never have before , what would it be?

Uhhhhh if anything, i’m sure i wouldn’t it on here xD

asking-britni asked:
IS IT TRUE, that you have a pair of my undies under your bed c;?

Mhm, they belong to a saggitarian goddess c;

asking-britni asked:
What do you hate worse : gnats... or racists?

…… Imma looh muh myne if i even try to answer that shiiit.

asking-britni asked:
If someone offered you 9 million dollars to kill the person you love the most... Would you do it?

Totes Deff. Cept not.

asking-britni asked:
Alky or Mary? (you can only choose one)

You already know this xD MAREH-MAREH-MAREH

asking-britni asked:
Jacob? Daaaaarling.... How much do you love me?

Joking answer: With all my dick.

Serious answer: As much as i am great at answering questions and putting things into perspective, this is one of few things that i trouble with. I don’t know how i could possibly do it justice by puttin it into context. I love you more than i love myself Britni, I would die for you if it meant saving you. Hardly anybody interests me anymore. Now that you’ve been in my life and are the only thing on my mind pretty much al-fuckin-ways. How much I love you? Immensely.

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